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2016 News

November 2016: Neuroscience 2016 Conference in San Diego

Several MIT research teams will present at the 2016 Neuroscience Conference in San Diego using MEG Lab data. MEG Lab director Dimitrios Pantazis will deliver a nanosymposium talk titled "Neural representations in a rapid serial visual presentation task at 17ms per picture."


November 2016: MEG North America Workshop

The goal of the NIH MEG North America workshop is to bring the North American MEG community together and to foster collaboration and synergy across laboratories. Keynote speakers included MEG lab director Dimitrios Pantazis, Sylvain Baillet, Timothy Roberts, and Julia Stephen.


November 2016: Neuroimaging Workshop on the Dynamic Social Brain in San Diego

MEG lab director Dimitrios Pantazis will be one of the faculty teaching at the NeuroImaging Workshop on the Dynamic Social Brain organized by the University of Chicago Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience.


October 2016: 20th International Conference on Biomagnetism

The International Conference on Biomagnetism has been the most prominent conference on magnetoencephalography since 1976. In this year’s conference, MEG Lab director Dimitrios Pantazis organizes a symposium titled "Neural dynamics of visual representations" featuring 5 speakers: Drs. Thomas Carlson, Lauri Parkkonen, Dimitrios Pantazis, Leyla Isik, and Seppo Ahlfors.


July 2016: Daredevil-like ability allows us to size up rooms

Our MEG study investigating auditory space perception has caught the attention of Science News andDaily Mail! The study provides the first neuromagnetic evidence for a robust auditory space size representation in the human brain.    


July 2016: Three new journal articles from the MEG Lab

Three journal articles were just published from the MEG lab! They appear in Cerebral CortexScientific Reports, and NeuroImage, and connect multimodal data (MEG / functional MRI/ Deep neural networks). The first article describes a MEG-fMRI fusion method that produces a fine spatio-temporal characterization of brain activation. The second article connects MEG-fMRI-DNN data to provide an algorithmic view of human object recognition. The third article focuses on scene representations and shows that a DNN trained on real-world scenes effectively accounts for neural representations of spatial layout properties such as scene size and clutter.


January 2016: The MEG Lab makes an appearance on NBC's Today Show

NBC’s Today Show featured McGovern Institute director Bob Desimone as part of a segment on how phones and computers influence our ability to perform daily tasks.  Don’t miss the MEG’s appearance at around 2:28-2:37 sec. That’s a whole 10 seconds of fame!


January 2016: A Look Inside the Human Brain

The course, "A Look Inside the Human Brain" included for the first time demo sessions in 3 technologies: magnetoencephalography, magnetic resonance imaging, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Positron emission tomography and near infrared spectroscopy were also included in the course. 


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